The Planar Gates

Epic portal fantasy with humor and heart. Join Serena, Annea, Ivy, and Cypher on their adventures across the multiverse!

Book 1 is currently serializing on my site via Laterpress, and through Amazon’s Kindle Vella. The final edition of the book will be available in both print and digital formats with all major retailers.

Book 1: Welcome to the Nexus

At the center of all creation lies the Nexus – an infinitely vast hub that provides access to trillions of different worlds, through devices known as Planar Gates. Serena discovered the Nexus by accident while fleeing the eldritch horrors that invaded her village. Unable to return home, she embarks on a quest across the multiverse to master her powers as a pyromancer, and avenge her world by finding a way to destroy the ancient evil devouring all creation, one world at a time…