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The Planar Gates Series – Buy Direct

The Planar Gates Series – Kindle Vella

1001 Episodes to Literary Godhood – Direct

1001 Episodes to Literary Godhood – Kindle Vella

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Laterpress Home Page – sell your fiction direct to your readers, with NO PLATFORM FEE on direct sales!

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Nia Quinn on Sigils, Sushi, and Serials

Novae Caelum on Strong Story Openings, Emotional Conflict, and Queer Characters in Space

Emily S Hurricane on Fanfiction, Freelancing, and Pen Names

Kit Sun Cheah on Combining Genres, Worldbuilding, and the Publishing Industry

Shana Brooke on Mermaids, Marketing, and Perseverance

Christine Daigle on Co-Writing and Serial Fiction

External Articles I’ve Written

17 Tips for How to Write Faster

How to Plan a Book Launch

Miblart Illustrated Cover Design Overview and Review – Are Their Services a Good Investment for Authors?


Part vanity indulgence, part wanting to show I try to do my part as a literary citizen, I’m collecting a list of books I’m aware of where I’m named in acknowledgements, or Laterpress is.

The Truthspoken Heir: The Stars and Green Magics Season 1, by Novae Caelum.

A Wreck of Witches, by Nia Quinn